Run Training Methods and How to Use Them

After competing in my target race this past weekend I am look forward to beginning my next phase in my training.  There are many variables you need to consider when organizing your training plan. There are many different training run and exercises that will increase your performance when it comes time to race.

I have many different training methods that I will briefly go over three of the six training techniques I use in my program. I will answer what they are, how to use them in your own training and an example of the workout.


Training Method 1: Steady State (steady pace, Base training, LSD, Endurance Run)

a.) What is it? Steady pace training is run at a comfortable pace for a longer period of time. This is designed to develop aerobic capacity.

b.) How to use it? This should be run year round with a major emphasis on the off-season and early season. There should be a slight decrease at peak racing period.

c.) Example: 60 minute run at conversational pace with 6 X 100 meter strides


Training Method 2: Tempo Run (Threshold, Lactate Threshold, Aerobic Threshold)

a.)What is? A run done at comfortably hard pace designed to increase your aerobic capacity (your ability
to run with oxygen for longer period of time). Run for a single 15-30 minute tempo run or in tempo intervals of 2 to 8 minutes each.

b.) How to use it? Build balance of strength and speed. It should be used all year round.

c.) Example: 15 minutes at easy pace- 20 minutes at tempo pace (comfortably hard) -15 minutes at easy pace. 


Training Method 3: Repetition Training (Reps)

a.)   What is it? Training done at above the threshold
level. Repetitions are run at a pace faster than you could sustain for a full race. You should be running from periods of 1 to 6 minutes with near to full recovery.

b.)   How to use it: Valuable during the early and mid-season training. This helps develop pace and rhythm but be cautious not to overuse during the racing season.

c.)   Example: 10 X 2 minute at a slightly faster than race pace with 4 minute easy jog in between.


Hope everyone has a great week!


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